BreezeJS Release Notes

These are the release notes for the current releases of breeze.js (breeze-client) only.

Prior release notes (incorporating the Breeze server packages) are also available.

2.1.5 May 8, 2023

  • Fix definition of ComplexObject interface to make setProperty and getProperty optional methods
  • Add test for entity modification when changing property on a complex type
  • Add cjs npm tag to version with CommonJS bundles

2.1.4 Jan 1, 2023

  • Release 2.1.4-mjs version on npm, with ES 2020 .mjs modules. Version 2.1.4 with ES5 and legacy bundles is still available.
  • Fix null === undefined comparison in property interceptor (#69)
  • Fix regex issue in IE 11 (#56)

2.1.2 May 14, 2021

  • Export QueuedSaveFailedError from mixin-save-queuing (#53)
  • Fix type information for ValidationMessageContext

2.1.1 April 29, 2021

  • Fix noisy console logging about null default values (#50)
  • Handle relationships to non-PK properties (#52)

2.1.0 April 23, 2021

  • Fix combining of ‘or’ clauses under an ‘and’ predicate (#46)
  • Add extendFuncMap to Predicate (#37)
  • Fix parsing of collections in CSDL metadata (#36)
  • Fix type information for AJAX adapters (#48)
  • Fix type information for Validators (#220)
  • Add console warning (instead of error) when serializing Predicate with unknown entity (#48)
  • Add console warning (instead of error) when defaultValue is undefined for non-nullable property in metadata (#7) and (#218)

2.0.11 April 8, 2021

  • Downlevel .d.ts files for compatibility with TypeScript 3.4 / Angular 7 (#45)

2.0.10 April 7, 2021

  • Update README (#25)

2.0.9 April 4, 2021

  • Updated default property interceptor to handle detached object (#30)
  • Fixed issue with extra ampersand being included right after question mark (#34)
  • Add custom property to EntityError (#42)
  • Fix Predicate combine function when expr1 is a number (#43)

2.0.8 March 10, 2021

  • Add ComplexObject to type exports
  • Update devDependencies

2.0.7 February 10, 2020

  • Fix ajax-fetch-adapter to handle parameter passing like jquery
  • Fix data type exports

2.0.1 November 5, 2019


  • Add getEntityGraph mixin as part of breeze-client package (was a Breeze Lab)
  • Add enableSaveQueuing mixin as part of breeze-client package (was a Breeze Lab)

Mixin: getEntityGraph allows getting a graph of entities from the EntityManager. See Get Entity Graph for usage. To use it in TypeScript/ES6, you would:

import { EntityManager } from 'breeze-client';
import { HasEntityGraph, mixinEntityGraph } from 'breeze-client/mixin-get-entity-graph';
// Ensures that mixin won't be tree-shaken away. 
// Called with EntityManager class, not an instance.
let graph = (manager as HasEntityGraph).getEntityGraph(customer, 'orders.orderDetails');

Mixin: enableSaveQueuing automatically queues a saveChanges() call on an EntityManager if another save is still in process. Use at your own risk. See the source code comments for more information, and the DocCode tests for example usage.

To use it in TypeScript/ES6, you would:

import { enableSaveQueuing } from 'breeze-client/mixin-save-queuing';
// Enable on an EntityManager instance

2.0.0 October 26, 2019

Complete rewrite of the Breeze source code in TypeScript. Moved repo to


  • New package structure compatible with Angular 8 and advanced bundlers
  • New config.noEval flag allows operation under CSP restrictions
  • AjaxHttpClientAdapter, AjaxFetchAdapter, AjaxPostWrapper are now part of breeze-client package

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix observable arrays to be compatible with Vue.js
  • Fix errors in TypeScript definition files

Breaking Changes

API is almost identical to the original (breezejs 1.x) but small changes are noted below:

  • Breeze no longer depends upon Q.js. But it does depend on a ES6 promise implementation. i.e. the existence of a global Promise object. The setQ function is now a no-op.
  • The names of the enum values no longer have “Symbol” at the end. E.g. EntityStateSymbol is now EntityState.
  • The DataServiceOptions interface is now DataServiceConfig to be consistent with other naming
  • The initializeAdapterInstances method is removed; use the singular config.initializeAdapterInstance method.

Adapter Changes

The names of the adapter files have changed. E.g. breeze.dataService.webApi is now adapter-data-service-webapi, and the locations have changed due to Angular-compatible bundling.

Also, the aggressive tree-shaking of tsickle/terser/webpack in Angular 8 removes the functions that the Breeze adapters use to register themselves! So you need to register them yourself.

If you have this:

import 'breeze-client/breeze.dataService.webApi';
import 'breeze-client/breeze.modelLibrary.backingStore';
import 'breeze-client/breeze.uriBuilder.odata';
import { BreezeBridgeHttpClientModule } from 'breeze-bridge2-angular';

Replace it with this:

import { DataServiceWebApiAdapter } from 'breeze-client/adapter-data-service-webapi';
import { ModelLibraryBackingStoreAdapter } from 'breeze-client/adapter-model-library-backing-store';
import { UriBuilderODataAdapter } from 'breeze-client/adapter-uri-builder-odata';
import { AjaxHttpClientAdapter } from 'breeze-client/adapter-ajax-httpclient';

Note that now you do not need breeze-bridge2-angular, because the AjaxHttpClientAdapter is now part of the breeze-client package.

Then, in your constructor function (for your module or Entity Manager Provider):

constructor(http: HttpClient) {
    // the order is important

The above has been tested on Angular 7 and 8, and should work for earlier versions.

Note that if you are using Breeze .NET Core on the server, you should use UriBuilderJsonAdapter instead of UriBuilderODataAdapter.

For apps that use global JavaScript libraries, the UMD versions are still available, under the bundles directory. Use these instead of the old breeze.debug.js:

<script src="node_modules/breeze-client/bundles/breeze-client.umd.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/breeze-client/bundles/breeze-client-adapter-model-library-backing-store.umd.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/breeze-client/bundles/breeze-client-adapter-data-service-webapi.umd.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/breeze-client/bundles/breeze-client-adapter-ajax-angularjs.umd.js"></script>

1.7.1 April 4, 2018

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix traversal of foreign keys during PK update when using inheritance

1.7.0 February 8, 2018

Breeze.Js Features

  • Added new mergeAdds flag to EntityManager’s importEntities method, to force merging of entities in Added state that have the same temporary key values

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix several TypeScript type definitions.

1.6.3 March 5, 2017

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix multilevel inheritance hierarchy bug affecting navigation properties that reference base classes with custom constructors.
  • Fix type definition for breeze.config.initializeAdapterInstance().
  • Make coEquals work on arrays of complex types; fix issue #183

Breeze.Js Changes

  • Update type definitions to use ES6 Promise<T> interface instead of breeze.promises.IPromise<T>. This may be a breaking change for some applications due to the lack of a finally() method in Promise<T>. Use promise.q.shim.d.ts to augment Promise<T> with the finally() method.

1.6.2 January 12, 2017

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix critical bug in getChangesCore

1.6.1 January 7, 2017

Breeze.Js Features

  • Support for AngularJS 1.6 $http function, issue #177

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix ‘Maximum call stack size exceeded’, issue #182
  • Fix ‘__extend is not defined’ in adapters, pull request #180
  • Fix extra ‘&’ added to OData queries, pull request #179
  • Fix getTuples with inheritance, pull request #165

1.6.0 December 1, 2016

Breeze.Js Features

  • Server-side deletes are now handled in the DeletedKeys property of the SaveResult. Entity Manager automatically detaches the entities that were deleted on the server. See the Saving Changes and DataServiceAdapter pages for (a little) more information.

1.5.16 October 26, 2016

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix discovery of inverse navigation properties - fixes (more) issues with relationship hookup on base classes.

1.5.15 October 25, 2016

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix attachment logic to hook up navigation properties on base class when importing
  • Fix complex property original values not reset on save, issue #171
  • Fix empty predicate under any clause, issue #172

1.5.14 October 7, 2016

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix attachment logic to hook up navigation properties on base class when querying

1.5.13 September 30, 2016

Reverted Breeze.Js Changes

  • Change main field in package.json back to breeze.debug.js. This change in 1.5.12 was causing too many headaches and we found a better way to handle rollup.js support without requiring a breaking change to Breeze.

1.5.12 September 23, 2016

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix broken call to __isDate() in core.__isPrimitive()
  • Fix recursive call in core.toJSONSafe(), replacer function was not always passed

Breeze.Js Breaking Changes

  • Change main field in package.json to breeze.base.debug for compatibility with rollup.js and other bundlers. This change now requires the explicit importing and initialization of the required adapters when using bundlers such as rollup.js or webpack, as well as Node.js and other systems that read the main field to determine which file to load. These systems will no longer load breeze.debug.js, which contains all adapaters and initilizes some defaults.

1.5.11 August 23, 2016

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • OData: fix sticky $batch headers, issue 157
  • OData: fix application/json Accept header, issue 148
  • OData: fix missing data.retrievedEntities in query results
  • Rename AMD module names from ‘breeze’ to ‘breeze-client’, issue 161
  • Fix: EntityType.addProperty now adds property to subtypes

1.5.10 July 18, 2016

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Add missing TypeScript definitions
  • Fix errant warning (introduced in 1.5.7) in registerEntityTypeCtor when using a prototype chain

1.5.9 July 15, 2016

Breeze.Js Features

  • Now uses JsonResultsAdapter to extract entities and keyValues from save result, for adaptability when working with different servers. See API Doc.

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Add missing TypeScript definitions and API docs

1.5.8 July 5, 2016

Breeze.Js Features

  • Restructured NPM package.
  • Typescript definitions included in NPM package to allow consumption of Breeze as an external Typescript module instead of static script with global namespaces.
  • Allow custom headers on OData requests; fixes issue #154

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Fix missing displayName, nameOnServer, acceptChanges() and change module to namespace in breeze.d.ts

1.5.7 June 8, 2016

Breeze.Js Features

  • Add optional relativeUrl setting on OData data service adapter for backward compatibility and/or custom URL mapping. Addresses issue with proxies.

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Error in OData data service adapter when using breeze.base (Pull request #134)
  • Require names don’t match bower names for external modules (Issue #142)
  • Various small fixes for working with Olingo OData (Pull request #41)
  • Error when attempting to treat string as a date. (Issue #151)
  • Add warning when attempting to re-use ctor. (Issue #133)

1.5.6 March 31, 2016

Breeze.Js Features

  • Sync Breeze version number with NPM breeze-client package version

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Error in JSON UriBuilder (Pull request #136)

1.5.5 Feb. 2, 2016

Breeze.Js Features

  • Perf: executeQueryLocallyCore replaced result.push.apply syntax with result=result.concat(entities) (Issue #105)
  • Make it easier to create custom DataTypes; move DataType-specific code into the DataType class
  • Module loading: replaced all instances of require('breeze'); with require('breeze-client'); to conform to npm and bower package names. This is a breaking change if you use require().

Breeze.Js Fixed Bugs

  • Problem with MergeStrategy.PreserveChanges with fk change and expand. (D2677)
  • All OData DataService adapters use absolute URLs both for direct calls and inside $batch payloads (D2679)
  • Fix exportEntities([]) exports everything (instead of nothing)
  • OData metadata with entities in multiple namespaces (Issue #96 and #101)

See the prior release notes for previous changes.