Breeze is a library for rich client applications written in HTML and JavaScript. It concentrates on the challenge of building and maintaining highly responsive, data-intensive applications in which users search, add, update, and view complex data from different angles as they pursue solutions to real problems in real time. Features include:

Rich queries

  • Write simple and complex queries using a LINQ-like query syntax:
    • Simple conditions (id == 42, amount > 100, name starts with “Bob”)
    • Compound conditions (name is “Bob” or “Robert”)
    • Conditions with functions (length(name) > 30)
    • Conditions on related entities (customers with orders shipped to California)
    • Sort, page, take first ‘n’
    • Expand the query result to include related entities in the payload (eager loading)
    • Select a subset of properties; flatten complex object graphs with projections
  • Query a remote service with a full OData-compliant URL.
    • Merges query results into cache, adding new entities and updating others while preserving unsaved changes.
    • Use the same query object and query language to filter entities in the local cache.

Client-side caching

  • Caching entities locally on the JavaScript client.
  • Navigation among entities in cache, e.g., Customer to Orders to OrderDetails to Product … and back.

Change tracking

  • Entities are self-tracking; they know when they are new, changed, marked-for-delete, or unchanged.
  • Refresh an entity to its current state on the server or revert changed entities to their original values with a single command.
  • Publishes property-changed and other notifications about the entities that enter, leave, and change in cache.


  • Validates entire entities and individual property values, automatically or on-demand, with a combination of discovered and custom rules.
  • Validation error messages can be customized or localized.

Pluggable back-end

  • Full integration with the .NET/Entity Framework, .NET/NHibernate, Java/Hibernate, Node/MongoDb, Node/Sequelize and others. Support for both .NET and .NET Core including EF6+ and EF Core.
  • Supports .NET WebAPI, Java Servlet, Node Express and OData back-ends.
  • Works with NoSQL, non-.NET, and SOA back-ends.

Data management

  • Create entities dynamically based on metadata that you control and extend.
  • Id generation strategies handle a wide variety of client and store-generated key schemes; use ours or write your own.
  • Export and reimport entities to device local storage to meet offline and reliability requirements.
  • Create multiple caches to segment and isolate data changes in “sandboxes”.
  • Combine entities from multiple remote services in the same cache.
  • All service operations return JavaScript promises.
  • Entities support Complex Types and Enumerations as properties.

Batched saves

  • Save pending changes to a remote service in a single request.
  • Mix entities of different types in the same change-set (Customers, Orders, OrderDetails).
  • Mix operations (add, update, delete) in the same change-set.
  • Save the change-set as a single transaction.
  • Detect and resolve concurrency conflicts.

Library and Tooling support

  • Out-of-box support for Angular, React, View, AngularJS and many others.
  • TypeScript support for compile-time type checking, classes, interfaces, and inheritance.
  • IntelliSense support for Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code.
  • Open API that allows additional front or back-ends to be plugged in.

Supported by IdeaBlade

  • Developed and supported by IdeaBlade, since 2001 a leader in rich client application libraries.
  • Extensive API documentation with examples and links to source code.
  • Quality control through automated tests.
  • Paid support options, training, and consulting services to ensure that you succeed.