A lap around Breeze

This is a quick spin around Breeze. It sticks to the basics that a JavaScript client developer must know to work with Breeze. You won’t learn everything but you will acquire a foundation in breeze sufficient to build a simple application. You’ll know:

  • how to query the persistence service for entities
  • how to write a query filter on the client and sort the results on the data tier
  • to hold a promise from Breeze while you wait for the service to respond; the promise will tell you when the service is ready with results
  • the EntityManager maintains a local cache of entities that you’ve queried, added to, modified, and marked for deletion
  • the EntityType describes the details of an entity class, how it’s structured and how it behaves
  • how to use the EntityType to create new instances of entities
  • that a Breeze entity tracks changes, validates changes, and raises property changed events
  • how a Breeze entity can be bound to UI controls with Knockout (or another data binding library)
  • how to save changes permanently to remote storage or temporarily to local storage on the device.

We’ve organized the “lap…” as a tour of the Todo sample application. We’ll detour occasionally into the automated teaching tests to clarify a point or find a more apt illustration.

You could just dive in. We think you’ll get more from the tour if you take these three preliminary steps:

We’ll wait.

Welcome back

You’ve downloaded the code and experienced the Todo sample as a user would. It’s time to write a query.