NHibernate (Beta)

We added NHibernate support to Breeze in the 1.4.2 release. Documentation and samples will be coming soon.


The Breeze.WebApi dll has been broken up into multiple assemblies:

  • Breeze.WebApi.Core - database and persistence framework independent code.
  • Breeze.WebApi.NH - NHibernate specific code. Dependent of Breeze.WebApi.Core.


There are three Breeze NuGet packages applicable for developers using NHibernate:

  • Breeze.Client - client javascript libraries only.
  • Breeze.Server.WebApi.Core - Server side only .NET assemblies.
  • Breeze.Server.WebApi.NH = Breeze.Server.WebApi.Core + NHibernate assemblies.


Our first NHibernate sample is available via GitHub. Please have a look and kick the wheels.