TypeFns Class Breeze.sharp

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Namespace: Breeze.Sharp.Core
Assembly: Breeze.Sharp (in Breeze.Sharp.dll) Version: (

public static class TypeFns

The TypeFns type exposes the following members.


Public methodStatic memberConstructGenericInstance(Type, Type)
Constructs a generic instance.
Public methodStatic memberConstructGenericInstance(Type, Type, Object)
Constructs a generic instance. Can only access public constructors.
Public methodStatic memberConvertType
Try and convert a value to the specified conversion type.
Public methodStatic memberCreateGenericInstance
Constructs a generic instance.
Public methodStatic memberGetDefaultValue
Gets the default value for a specified type.
Public methodStatic memberGetGenericArgument
Gets a single generic argument from a specified type.
Public methodStatic memberGetNonNullableType
Returns either the specified type or its non-nullable counterpart.
Public methodStatic memberGetNullableType
Gets the nullable type that corresponds to the given type.
Public methodStatic memberGetTypesImplementing
Public methodStatic memberIsAssignableFrom
Public methodStatic memberIsNullableType
Returns whether the specified type is a nullable generic type, i.e. Nullable{T}.
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