ComplexAspect Properties

The ComplexAspect type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property ComplexObject
Returns the wrapped IComplexObject.
Public property ComplexType
Public property EntityManager
The EntityManager that manages the ParentEntity.
Public property EntityState (Overrides StructuralAspectEntityState.)
Public property EntityVersion (Overrides StructuralAspectEntityVersion.)
Public property Initialized (Inherited from StructuralAspect.)
Public property OriginalValuesMap (Inherited from StructuralAspect.)
Public property Parent
The parent object (either an Entity or a ComplexObject) to this ComplexObject.
Public property ParentEntity
The top level parent IEntity that owns this complex object.
Public property ParentEntityProperty
The property on the top level parent entity that owns this complex object.
Public property ParentProperty
The EntityProperty of the Parent that contains this object.
Public property PreproposedValuesMap (Inherited from StructuralAspect.)
Public property StructuralType (Overrides StructuralAspectStructuralType.)
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