INavigationSet Methods

The INavigationSet type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Add
Adds an IEntity to this collection - if an entity is added that is already in the collection, the add is ignored.
Public method Clear
Clears this collection.
Public method Contains
Returns whether an IEntity is part of this collection.
Public method GetEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that iterates through a collection.
(Inherited from IEnumerable.)
Public method Remove
Removes an IEntity from this collection.
Extension Methods

  Name Description
Public Extension Method GetAggregateHashCode
Returns a hashcode for a collection that uses a similar algorithm to that used by the .NET Tuple class. Order matters.
(Defined by EnumerableFns.)
Public Extension Method ToAggregateString
Concatenates the string version of each element in a collection using the delimiter provided.
(Defined by EnumerableFns.)
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