EntityAspectForceEntityPropertyChanged Method Breeze.sharp
Forces a PropertyChanged event to be fired.

Namespace: Breeze.Sharp
Assembly: Breeze.Sharp (in Breeze.Sharp.dll) Version: (

public void ForceEntityPropertyChanged(
	PropertyChangedEventArgs args


Type: System.ComponentModelPropertyChangedEventArgs
A PropertyChangedEventArgs or null

An Empty value or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for the propertyName parameter of PropertyChangedEventArgs indicates that all of the properties have changed, causing the .NET framework to also fire a ListChangedEventArgs.ListChangedType of "Reset" if the event propagates to a list that supports the ListChanged event.

Passing a null value to this method will insure that a valid (dynamically created) property name is passed on to any listeners.

This method should only be needed in situations where changes to calculated fields or other properties not backed by an StructuralProperty must be made known.

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