EntityAspectAttach Method Breeze.sharp
Adds a newly created entity to its associated EntityManager.

Namespace: Breeze.Sharp
Assembly: Breeze.Sharp (in Breeze.Sharp.dll) Version: (

public void Attach(
	EntityState entityState = EntityState.Unchanged,
	EntityManager entityManager = null


entityState (Optional)
Type: Breeze.SharpEntityState
entityManager (Optional)
Type: Breeze.SharpEntityManager

The associated EntityManager will either be the EntityManager that was called to create this Entity ([!:Breeze.Sharp.EntityManager.CreateEntity<T>()]) or that was used to generate its ids ( GenerateId(IEntity, DataProperty)) If neither of these cases apply, then the EntityManager's DefaultManager"/> will be used. There is no difference between AddToManager and AddEntity(Entity). Use either method to add a business object created by the CreateEntity(Type) method to the EntityManager cache. The object must have a "detached" EntityState, must not have ever been associated with another EntityManager and must have a unique EntityKey within the EntityManager to which it will be added.
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