2) Add redirects for each page 3) Fix all old internal refs - search for ( “images”, “documentation”, “sites”) 5) Add 6) Document new site structure + caveats. 1) add caveat about files needing to be UTF8 without BOM 2) file names on GitHub pages are case sensitive!
8) Small mobile resizing issues with lost menus 10) Missing one .NET Cool Breeze page

12) Cosmetics - vertical bars between menu items on header like twitter bootstrap link 13) Download menu for breeze# 14) Add prior release builds to site. 16) Fix white flash at top of screen when changing pages. 17) Add index.html to downloads dir - right now unable to see what is downloadable. 18) Add css style so that xxx tags style like xxx in markdown which translates to xxx

19) Keep search box in navbar on not-so-large navbar width 19) Can’t click tech selector on iPhone 20) Put search query in query string when run from Search Results page 21) Width of search results page on phone causes horizontal scroll